Retina display for Apple iPhone

Retina display for Apple iPhone

Retina display for apple iPhone is the latest technology from the mega mobile manufacturer. This new technology which has been patented by iPhone has gathered many eyeballs. The name is a general term used for the technology in which retina display is enabled in phone.  This technology of retina display is path breaking in the sense that it makes your mobile more user friendly. It not only adds a dash of unconventional functionality but also makes your phone convenient to view. In a fantastic  move to upgrade its sales the giant manufacturer  has made this sleek move by adding the functionality of retina display .

So exactly what is retains display technology. It simply means that depending on distance of phone from your retina or eye the pixel distance will appear to move . Since the pixel distance is function of the amount of pixels packed in one unit of area so for  retina display , the manufacturer has packed good amount of pixels in the one unit area. The  screen resolution is raised   in retina display and you will not be able to differentiate one pixel to another. Practically speaking what really matter is the type of phone used for retina display.
For normal viewing the de facto viewing distance is 10 inch but for an Apple iPhone with retina display enabled the viewing distance increases to 15 inches. So to accommodates and  getting a crisper view Apple packs 300 more pixels per inch. That’s makes retina display work.  But in Apple 4s the pixel density is about 326 per inch. That is fair enough. For other versions of apple iPhone the normal pixel density per inch is around 264. But both work well.

What was the need for retina display? In simple terms this is revolutionary because you can actually get stupendous resolution. This means when you are reading a magazine or eBook or email you actually get the best  resolution. The words are not jagged and neither have you press your eyes too much. You will get the best resolution and that is what  this technology giant has enabled in the phone. To make such a phone is  a great marvel because to get that awesome resolution  is very difficult. It’s not very easy to pack all those pixels in one inch as when you get to pack them then the display’s aperture ratio becomes lower. As the aperture ratio is affected so to enable   a consistent retina display becomes hard. The takeaway is the battery life and size of the phone .With the phone becoming more power hungry so more heavier battery becomes and the size of battery  begins to vary. The resultant phones become heavier and bulky. But finally the retina display is just superb because you get the best screen as possible. Today this technology is ruling and having  phone with retina display is just what you like to flaunt.

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