How to research SEO keywords

How to research SEO keywords

The ways to  use keywords

To widen the scope of their website many follow or tweak effectively their sites to make it appear in high page rank. But how to get high page rank  in Google search is  the mute questions.  Everyone including experts has tried to make ways for website to appear first.  SEO precisely does that. It  not only makes your website very organized  but also it  enables  users to crack code for of high traffic. Keyword is  the term which is used for searches  so that the users  when click those  terms  will be directed to your site.  There is a online race to improve upon keyword visibility. The article precisely discusses that.

Three ways of best SEO practices

Related keyword search terms are  , keyword competition and keyword search volume. Both are used to make keyword relevant to your site. But let is not focus on that. Let us stick to very basic. It is  known fact  that nobody  understands  your business better than you. So instead of wasting money on third party transactions and costly software’s you should focus on making a comprehensive list of those keyword which you think will be suitable to your business. This includes all the keywords directly or indirectly connected to your site. This can be done by contemplating on  how visitors are  directed to your site.
The  next big think you must do is to go to  Google analytics.  There you  have  the traffic sources tab. You must  concentrate on   organic searches  and focus on seeing  those   keywords that is used by the visitors to get to site. In a number of  cases you will get  error “not provided” but nevertheless in subsequent searches try to figure out how the keywords were used to get to your site. This naturally helps you to get to the depth of problem. This approach is very useful.

 The best practice  is  to take maximum use of Google. To  improve    you should manually search for every term that Google has provided. Google also gives a list of those terms which are related to your search. Make use of them to  search for those terms and  then get a  fair idea how those search terms can help.   See the  result those searches have  yielded. You can also see  rival website. See what keywords they are using. Consequently you can also tweak your website accordingly. Implementing good SEO practices are very important when you want good results for every search.  Only then  you can  get a good traffic.

Author bio: The  author is from Pune and writes frequently about SEO practices.

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