How to get Best results from Content Marketing and social Media

How to get Best results from Content Marketing and social Media
Marketing is a way to sell your products to customers. Today with the advent of internet many online companies try to woo customers by content marketing and social media. Many B2B models of business are successful because they use social media and content marketing. Basically content marketing and social media are those tools which allow you to connect with your customers to get profit. These two amazing tools have been deployed by all pundits of internet to not only garner profit for their companies online but also build a good customer base. Indeed these two tools are a call of the day.

Advantages of Social media and Content marketing
Social media is free of cost. They are easy to handle. They are not fussy. They do not require heavy technological investment so it is a favorite for many .Content marketing needs to be on the company’s hub on the other hand. The social media can be handled by anyone in the company. Even a junior level employee can be engaged to handle social media. Content marketing require thorough planning. If you have to be a leader then some real hardcore material about the company needs to be   posted.
Today content marketing is being done to promote brands. Companies try to build image of a brand by informing and educating about their brands. This is a reliable way to build company’s image. Facebook has introduced page pick targeting. This allows you to target smaller audience and deliver information about the company. With Facebook you can use Facebook impact to gauge the level of interaction with customers. Tweeting also is important. Use of hash tags can make your campaign more effective. You can go for live coverage of your tweets to make the campaign more effective. You can keep your catch line in tabs in tweets. This helps users to remember what you have to say.
Another good way to engage customers is to embed both home grown and professional videos. They are good way to sell your concept through social media and content marketing. You can engage your audience through social media is to keep your messages short. They should be short and succinct. Your message should be very engaging. LinkedIn is another good social media platform. You can make a good image of your company through social media. You can make your employee keep posting content . You should always participate in groups and think more of quality of content than quantiy. Those were some of the ways to make you company shine and bring reliable and loyal customers.

Some additional thought on Social media and Content marketing
Content marketing may not very prudent customer outflow. The reason is, it is very labour intensive. People may not be interested to read your posts and get chunks of news. His ethos and pathos may not be resonant with what you want to communicate. This may not be good for companies  The results fade out because of not being able to communicate properly with your customers. Today Facebook and twitter both has lost its position to build content marketing. Artificial or automated content marketing is the order of the day where the information and response of customers are stored in relational database. This makes retrieval and extracting information about his behavior and personal choices easy.

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